Thursday, January 5, 2012

changing plans

me, wearing my now-stolen earings. they were a gift from hubby :(

The plan was that I would be uploading a poem on Tuesday. The plan was that we would have traveled to Kalamata (my hometown) and spent New Year's there. But plans are made and then something happens (life) and we need to adjust ourselves to the new situation.

The new situation -in this case- is  that our appartment in Athens got mugged. Someone broke into our own private place. Apart from the less important things which were stolen, the most important is the sense of loss of cotrol of what one believes to be one's own.  "Someone touched my things. They sat on my bed, on my couch. They went through my underwear." And then we realised that we had lost most our photos, as they were stored on our stolen laptops. And that the people who stole them can actually go through them and, in a way, steal our memories. This is a scary thought!

But, then again, at least we were not in the appartment. The crime rate in Athens was risen sky high lately. It is becoming more and more of a risk to live in the city center as we do.

However, we love Athens. It is an amazing place to be, full of great places to eat and drink, bookstores, artplaces, interesting people. It is wonderful to walk in Athens, to go all the way from Exarchia (a more wild neighbourhood) to Plaka (a quiet and ancient place).

Well, this is how to year started for us: with less material things (this can be a blessing) and more love between Yiannis and me. So, yeah!!!, for 2012!!!


  1. Sorry to hear of this, Friend. I am praying for your continued positive attitude.


  2. Thank you, Rachel. I need your prayers. When we found out that we were robbed, I thought about the people who did this, who they are, what their stories are, etc and then I thought about were their heart is. I prayed for them, that they may find the warmth and love and forgiveness that Jesus gives. I remembered the pastor in "The Miserables" of Victor Hugo. I felt blessed to be able to forgive.