Friday, January 6, 2012

my word for 2012: joy

When bad things happen, you can either go towards despair or hope. I pray that I always choose hope. I pray that I keep on seeing my blessings and be thankful for them.

So, no matter what 2012 will bring, I pray that my heart will be soft to love and tough to pain. And that I always choose JOY! I trully believe that Jesus knew something very deep about the human nature and its tendency towards sadness/melancholia/depression, because He called (and still does call) us again and again and again to be full of joy all the time.

Trying to be faithful to my joy-word, we decided to let the robbery and all that behind us and we took aour car and travelled about 2.5 hours from Athens to Agoriani. It is a small village on the mountain Parnassos. It is a beautiful place to be. We chased after the snow and YES! we did find some.

We made a short stop to streach our legs and drink a tsipouro (strong!!!) at Polydroso. You can already see some of the snow up on the mountains at the back.

 Finally at Agoriani. The day was clear, the sky wonderfully blue and the moon becoming fuller and fuller. A very peaceful sight. It makes me dream of heaven and togetherness.

And then we were finally in the snow!!! Is was too icy for us to play with, but snowy enough for be to be happyhappyhappyyyyyy!!!!

To finish of a great day, we also had a great dinner.

And let us not forget that it is still Christmas time, after all. Today in Greece we celebrate the baptising of Jesus from John.

Every trip away from our "normal" life, makes we re-evaluate what is trully important. For me, it is my Jesus and my husband. Both are faces of love in my life. I have never been scared of them, I don't fear of losing their love or faith. I remember a quote John Piper said about his wife, that he is often embarred to tell her his thoughts/doings/etc, but never afraid. This is what I call love.

We are like these two lamplights in the wind. Yes, we may love each other, but life is so confusing sometimes that we need someone to place our hopes into, someone to hold us together. We are blessed to have this strong branch as our beautiful Father.

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