Sunday, February 5, 2012


I was never a cook. I was not at all interested in how the delicious meals that I ate were prepared. For years had my mom been trying to show me how to make the basic every-day recipes, always warning me that I should learn how to do this in order to be able to cook for my family when that day would come. Which, of course, made me even more reluctant to enter the kitchen.

When I left home to go to college, I started cooking all the things a student cooks: fries and pasta. That was it!

But then, in the summer, I volunteered at several workcamps and there I had to cook for 20 people. And I LOVED it!!!! I loved the fact that the rest of the volunteers came back from their work hungry (starved actually) and that they were eager to eat. Suddenly, cooking was no longer a chore but a pleasure.

When Yiannis and I got married we bought a stove. And, yes, we are using it. Almost daily! We both love to try to cook things, even if we often fail. We also love to experiment with recipes. Again, cooking has become a pleasure. Perhars the secret is in having someone to share your food with :))

preparing Gemista

the filling of Gemista

preparing a pie

the pie filled with herbs, ready to be put in the oven

Stupid me forgot to take any after-shots. But you get the idea, right??? :)))

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