Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello! We are the Baileys.

This is what I realized waking up this morning: Yiannis and I are the Baileys, aka George and Mary, aka It’s a wonderful life.

Do you know the movie? I am sure you do. Ever since he is a young man, George Bailey tries to leave his small-town life, dreaming of adventure. Yet, every time he is just about to make his dream come true something happens, which makes George put his dream on hold.

This is the story of our story too. When I met Yiannis I was about to leave my life in Athens and start a whole new one working as a social worker in New York . I had found the job and gone through the interview process. All had gone well. I had got the job, bought a huge suitcase and was ready to go. But then I met him. I saw him. We fell in love. And I put my dream on hold.

As our relationship developed we have gone through many many manyyyy plans about where we want to live and what jobs we want to be doing. We have tried to make these plans come true. Yet, somehow, we are still living at the same place we lived from the start, doing the same jobs.
What has gone wrong?
Where are we mistaken?

The answer is: nowhere. What I have always wanted in my life is to finding someone to love. And to be loved back. Wholeheartedly. Passionately. Full of joy. I was brave enough (and super-lucky!!!) to let go of my dark life and leap into a life of love. I got my wish fulfilled! Everything else can work out as it pleases. I am already living my Wonderful Life!

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