Saturday, April 16, 2011


Easter is slowly approaching. It carries the pain of the cross, but also the joy of the resurrection. (It can only be godly wisdom, that these two are so near each other.)

I think of the people I know, who carry a heavy cross, who pray for resurrection. I am lucky enough (or maybe not lucky at all???), because the people in my life are up against small, every-day problems. There is however one person in my online life, who I admire or the wasy she bares her cross day in and day out. This person, this woman is  Stephanie Nielson.

Stephanie is known in the blogger world as nienie. This beautiful girl with the wonderful family of her husband and 4 children, lived a quiet life (similar to the average life of everyone of us).

In August 2008, nienie and her husband, decided to accept the offer of a friend and take a trip on a small airplane. The airplane crashed. It caught fire. Their friend died a day later. 30% of her husbands body was burned. 85 % of her body was burned. But they were both alive.

Recovery was painful (I cannot even image the pain) and long. She was in a coma for many months. And from the moment she was able to open her eyes, she lives with her new face, with the knowledge that she will spend her her going though many surgeries, but also with the kwolendge that she was here, she was still herself and she was living.

Her blog is read daily by almost 5.000.000 people. Not out of curiosity, but out of love. Because this beautiful soul is filled with love. And kindness. And generosity. And honesty.

I pray that she is well. I pray that she is always as beautiful as she is now. And I love her.


  1. Mairi, wow, what an amazing woman. thank you so much for sharing this positive and motivational story.