Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Change and faith (a long post)

very so often find myself losing balance. My feelings go up and down. What was important and urgent yesterday is not anymore. Who I was is not who I am. So, who am I? How can I make sure that what I feel today is true? How do I know?

Do you ever feel somehow lost in this way? Well, not really “lost”, but mostly like you are moving in a grey area. You know that you don’t want to move back to your past, where it was safe and familiar, but where you were not really happy. You also know that you want to move forward into your future, but you don’t really know what that future is, what it holds for you or how to work your way towards it. And will that future actually make you happy?

Oh, so many questions!!! How do you overcome them? How do you overcome fear and doubt, without letting them freeze you into place? I know that I am a creative being and that I am a risk taker. But I am also someone who needs to think things through again and again and again before actually moving into action. But, oh yes, I am also someone who needs things done NOW (I am not good with patients – don’t worry, I am working on it). 

So, how do you do it? How do you move forward? My answer is this:faith. Yes, butfaith in what? Faith that it will all work out, maybe not in the way I had imagined, maybe not at the time I had wishes; but it all works out for one's own best. Faith in God, and in the way each one of us is sopposed to walk. We are on a path. We are travelers. We can't stay put! That's not an option. Not if we want to live a full life.

So, I embrace change and keep the faith.

 “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
JOHN 10:10

P.S. I spent the weekend thinking about all this and much more on Palaios Panteleimonas (a village on Olympus). 

Lost in so much fog, I thought I was in a thriller.

(so that you don't start thinking that I am too serious a person :))))

There were also beautiful plants.

And art-works.

And I also made some art.

All this, while listening to the wonderful Priscilla Ahn 


  1. Hey Mairi
    I have posted on creative coconuts, I too rely on God to guide me through and His word to put truth in my heart rather than listening to my emotions.
    Many Blessings

  2. Hi Niki,

    I will be reading your post on Creative Coconuts. Thank you for your comment here. God has become a big part of my life. I trully believe that all I have lived so far has been part of His plan for my life. And I find hope in the kind of love that He is.

  3. Thanx Belinda. In fact, that is my normal (not goofy) face :)))) Thank you, dear.

  4. Mairi: such a wonderful post...the photos are stunning and so glad that is your normal face....we need to have faith in laughter and goodness as well...thanks for the reminder....

  5. the photos are so lovely. wonderful post.