Monday, February 7, 2011

the red box

The wooden boxes were left-overs from my wedding gifts for our guests from my wedding to Y. Since I had them left I thought I might try to use them as blank surfaces on which I could try to paint. And so I begun.
It is amazing how one idea leads to another. And then days go by and months. And you suddenly realize that your mind is more and more turned towards this creative life that you are leading.

How can I use the gifts I was given? Even if eveything -everything!- in my life is the will of Someone else, what am I supposed to do to live it in the fullest way? Each one of us has his/her own special calling. We are not all made in the same way. We must follow our personal path.

I understand that what gives my joy, what leads me to worship, what makes me pray and believe is creating. Not neccessarily creating something grand, but personal creation. This is my calling. I hope to some day create the conditions to live it as deeply as possible.

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