Monday, February 14, 2011

Oneirologio - a place to dream

This weekend we went to Ano Doliana in Arcadia. We go there 2-3 times a year, in order to clean our minds from Athens and fill them with joy. A big part of this “filling” process are Vicky and Giorgos. They are two wonderful souls and artists. But, most of all, they are two wooooooooooooooooooonderful friends. I am proud to carry them in my heart.

Vicky and Giorgos are of those "crazy" people who a few years ago left Athens, met in Tripoli, fell in love, went to Ano Doliana, where they made:
- Two children (Kostis and –for now—Tazoulis)
- A beautiful cafe
- A cute workshop.

The café is called ONEIROLOGIO (a place from dreams). And their workshop is called MIN PETAXEIS TIPOTA (throw nothing away). At the cafe you can drink great coffee and rakomelo, have amazing mezedakia (snacks), also kastanokarydopitta (pie with chestnuts and hazelnuts) and chocolate crepe. In their workshop you can buy amazing artworks, made with decoupage. Mostly, though, you meet and love this wonderful family. 

Some people are guide lights in my life. Vicky and Giorgos  are definitely in that category. I love you, guys!!!!!

Look for the "Oneirologio" and "Min petaxeis tipota" at:
Skai - "Spin»:  agro tourism:
(both links in Greek)

Find them on facebook:

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