Monday, January 24, 2011

a lemon tree (and paraphrazed Kazantzakis)

We are lucky enough to be living on the 3rd floor of an appartment building in Athens, in one of those grey and faceless. Our luck lies in the fact that right across from us is a two-storey house. From our balcony we see the roof of this house, which has become a highly attended garden by its owner.

I was sitting and gazing at the beautiful garden. Full of color and joy, plants, flowers, pergolas. And a lovely lemon tree planted in a barrel, filled with sunlight. She looked so alive!

And then I thought that her unknown owner does not have the pleasure to see the lemon tree, as often as I see it, since the winter keeps him off the roof. The lemon tree is planted for my own enjoyment! I smiled and thanked him humbly.

(i said to the lemon tree, "sister, tell
me about God" and the lemon tree bloomed.)

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