Saturday, January 29, 2011

I give you my heart

Sometimes I think I'm crazy. My mind is quicker than me, always thinking something, always searching, always having some new idea. Since I became involved with painting each new technique I've discover seems interesting and I want to immediately experiment with it. Of course, this might be normal for any one who does something with passion and from an honest heart. You try out different ways trying to figure out your own, the one who might become your own, your personal one. And then there is our identity which changes as time goes by. Which means that our voice will also change. Moreover, I admire people who never get too comfortable in they way the live or do things, who never see the way their life is now as the way it is always going to be. These are people who explore until their dying day. Exploration and learning are want keep us alive.

So, a few days ago, I was looking around on different blogs on the internet and suddenly I thought “clay!”. It is a material I had never laid my hands on. So I said, why not, I went and bought some and here I am today holding in my hands my first little statuette. I call it “I give you my heart”. Oh, yes! 

(Note: I discovered that I love clay. Which means that there is more to follow…)

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