Thursday, January 13, 2011

a happy bird

A few months ago my e-searches led me to the blog of Rachel Cox ( Although I have never met her, Rachel’s joyous spirit, combined with her amazing strength, made me love her and her soul. And, of course, I loved the beautiful quilts she makes. Her happy and hopeful art reminded me of how happy I am when I make things with my hands.

So I grabbed my papers, my brushes, paints, canvas, pebbles, wood and started making, playing, experimenting. At the same time I continued my travels in the e-world walking through blogs mostly by women who were of the same heart as I was: they had rediscovered the happiness of art and they wanted to craft, paint, write, take photos, and to do so without the art critic in their head telling him, frightening them, dictating to them. Just as these women did and do, I also wanted to become that child I was, the one who was eager to be free with her coloring pens.


Inspired by the work of Kelly Rae Roberts ( I painted the top of the carton box in which I keep to my scarves. It was an old, worn box. Now I look at it and something lights our inside of me: I am created for joy. All of us are!! We are called to listen to the whispers of our heart.


  1. Oh, sweet friend. Thank you! You are a blessing from God... a world away. :)

    Please be blessed,